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Redwork Quilt

Redwork Gatherings is a small but timeless quilt that uses the main redwork panel, small shoo fly bl..

from $12.00

Redwork Gatherings Charm Pack

   There are 30 sku's in this charm pack...


Redwork Gatherings Honey Bun

There are 30 sku's in this honey bun...


Redwork Gatherings Layer Cake

There are 30 sku's in this layer cake...



Wool & Needle 2  New

Wool & Needle 2

This is a pre-order and will not ship until May.  This is the only thing that can be in your ca..


Peace On Earth Quilt Panel New

Peace On Earth Quilt Panel

57" x 69" finished sizeThis is a pre-order and you will get 10% off the options until February 5th w..

from $39.60

Frightful Night Sweatshirt New

Frightful Night Sweatshirt

Adorned with our favorite wools and characters.  ..


Large Ruler Clip Board New

Large Ruler Clip Board

Wooden Ruler Clipboard9in x 12-1/2in..