2022 Freebie Thread Kit

The wood ruler box is NOT included in the price of the thread kit. You can purchase it separately see Related Products Below.


I know you are now wondering what we are going to be doing about the Freebie this year and if we are having one! You bet we are having one! We would not stop one of our favorite parts of the Summer.  We are changing it up a little though….”of course you are” you are saying to yourself! This year the Freebie is only offered to those that are doing the Summer Block Quilts, we will not do it Free with a purchase when you come into the Shop or Online this Summer, we are making it more exclusive to those that are participating in our Summer Quilts program.  I can’t call them our Summer Blocks of the Week any more…around here we have been calling them “The Summer Blocks of the Week but not really”. Lol.  

Ok so how does the Freebies work for all of you that are doing our Summer Quilt Program?  If you are Paying in Full and you are getting your project all upfront, you are going to get ALL of your Freebies up front with your first shipment.  If you are Paying Monthly you will get 4 blocks of Freebies for the first 3 months of the program that you are choosing to do. 

We have created a Freebie Thread kit for you all for $44.00, it also includes an Embellishment Needle for FREE when you purchase the Thread Kit.

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2022 Freebie Thread Kit

  • Product Code: 2022 FTK
  • SKU: 2022 FTK
  • $44.00