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Pattern Corrections & Guides

Most Recent Pattern Corrections

Available on Lisa's Blog

Stitch Guide

This helpful guide provides detailed diagrams and descriptions of many useful stitches and knots. 
Download our Stitch Guide128.63 KB

Corrections to Books/Patterns

Prairie Rose Table Rug Tongue55.79 KB

Flannel Gatherings Book- Portland Rose
The bottom of the small flower- the sage large checked 1/2 yard wool should be 1 yard so you can get 40 cuts for the flower. Those who purchased our kits recieved the correct amount....this correction is for those who are doing their own version from the book.

Mini AlphabetCorrections517.49 KB

Mr Snowman Corrections1.15 MB

Hope Chest Cutting Correction176.77 KB

Happy Home Correction285.18 KB

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