Carving Contest

Carving Contest  Size: 51x58 

Now we are going to throw you all for a loop on this one.  For the Carving Contest Quilt, we  will be doing this like we normally do for our Blocks of the Month except you have the option of Pay in Full.  There is A LOT of wool in the Carving Contest, so there is no way for us to ship you everything at once.  We have discounted shipping by one shipment if you Pay In Full with us, as a “Thank You.” For all 6 months of the program you will be receiving a Row of Pumpkins to create, there will be no Finishing Kit will be needed to complete the quilt; however there will be one offered if you desire to finish it the way Lisa will be doing hers.  (The optional Finishing Kit will be offered later in the program for you to sign up for.)  We have a limited number of kits that are available in the 6 yards of Grunge Star Background that is shown in the Sample; so the first people to sign up will receive that background.  After those are exhausted, we will be going to the same color Grunge as the Grunge Star, but without the Stars on it. Wow, that was a tongue twister.

We also have an Essentials with Carving Contest.  Essentials will be the 6 yards of Grunge fabric needed for the background, this is charged separately from the Blocks as you recieve ALL 6 yards up front in your first shipment. Yes, you need to have that in your cart for any of the options to add to your cart.  

PLEASE REMEMBER: say “YES” to the options that you would like and “NO” to the options that you do not want.  ALL questions with the Red * asterisk  needs to be answered before you can Add to Cart. If you do not answer them all, Carving Contest will not be added to your Cart and it will say Backing Required or Essentials Required in red letters depending on which one you did not answer. They are just requiring that you answer the question, not necessarily purchase it.

Essentials: This is charged in addition whether you are Paying in Full or Monthly

Domestic: $78.00

International: $123

Paid in Full: 

Domestic: $266

International: $345.00

Paid Monthly: 6 monthly payments and shipments on the 4th of the following months:  May, June, July August and September, October

Domestic: $46/month

International: $61/month

Backing: $71.50 (The Backing Fabric is 5 ½ yards, and will be primitive Orange for the backing, the size of the backing that we are going to provide for you is Large enough if you so choose to purchase the OPTIONAL Finishing Kit)


Lisa used a variety of neutrals and oranges in her quilt.  She did not use specific ones for specific wools, she just took her collection of orange Valdani that she had and matched the wools as she saw fit.  We have not created a thread kit at this time for Carving Contest, but have listed the threads that Lisa did used BELOW in RELATED PRODUCTS.

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Carving Contest

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