2018 Pincushion

 Pattern is not included in our kit but can be purchased separately in the option drop down box.

SIZE: 4" x 8"

Flannel and wools will vary from the picture  If you would like to make more pincushions or would like a specific color you will need to purchase that color.  Please pick from our options of Light, Medium and Dark.  We have THREAD kit available and will adjust the colors based on your kit.

 DON'T FORGET the sand! 1 bag of sand will fill your Pincushion this year.

 LIGHT THREAD KIT: Keep in mind that we are doing our best to match the wools but they are scrappy so you might not get exactly what you need.

#12  0548 or P2, 0775, 0571 OR H205, 086 OR 0562     #8  P12


#12  0196, P4, H205 OR P5     #8  P12


#12  H202, P5 OR 0562, 0775  #8 P12 



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2018 Pincushion

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