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Add Three-Eighths Ruler

The Add-Three-Eighths, combines the speed of rotary cutting quilt pieces with the accuracy of using ..


Boo Acrylic Template

Save time and keep your fingers safe using an acrylic template to cut triangles! Laser cut from cast..


Half Rectangle Triangle Mini

Bloc Loc's Half Rectangle Triangle Ruler set includes 2 grooved rulers in a 2:1 Ratio. The 2:1 ratio..


Easy Angle Ruler 45 Degree 4-1/2in

Cut triangles, squares and attic window shapes all from the same strip of fabric. Cuts down on waste..


Stem Rulers

Wool Stem Cutting has just gotten easier!!  Lisa has designed a set of rulers to cut multiple 3/16" ..

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Mini Simple Folded Corners Ruler

Designed for Miniature Enthusiast! Use for base fabrics that are smaller than 4-1/2in (what you will..


Make An Easy Dresden Quilt

  Quilters of all levels can make a beautiful Dresden quilt with this ruler. Includes ruler and cre..


Simple Folded Corners Ruler

  Make accurate folded corners every time. Never draw a line for folded corners again! Create ..


Hex N More

Ruler can cut 4 shapes in 4 sizes: hexagons, 60 degree triangles, half hexagons and jewels. Comes wi..


Guidelines Quilt Ruler Upgrade Kit

The grip strips in this kit will make your ruler non-slip and level.  This will work on 12" or 24" r..


Omnigrid 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" Square Ruler

Portable and easy to take can attach it to a key change. Square up scraps, half squar..


Flex Design Ruler

Not just for measuring can you this to create vines or flip it to do mirror images...


Lil' Crumbler

Instructions on how to line up the templates for piecing and a few pressing recommendations, guideli..


Pick-a-B Template

This template will make sewing the quilts from the book quick and simple...