Live With Lisa Featured Products September

Live With Lisa Featured Products September
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Autumn Harvest Pin Keep

3 inches tall by 6 inches wide and made of wool Our kit will make 2 orange one and a w..

from $6.00

A Round The Year October

This 10" wool applique is October in a 12 month series...

from $10.00

Salted Caramel Mama Jar 22oz

 Salted Caramel fragrance consists of whipped butter swirled with caramel and cinnamon and a hi..


Humble Homestead Mama Jar 22oz

Humble Homestead fragrance consists of fresh peeled pears, peaches and apples sprinkled with cinnamo..


Beam N Read

The new version of this light has 6 different settings and a wider beam for all your handwork needs...


Super Bright Portable LED Lamp

3 levels of brightness.....this lamp has 24 LED bulbs that will stay bright for 100,000 hours.  It c..