Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change your site? I really loved the old one!!

We did too. Unfortunately, it was getting very old, and was not performing as well as it used to. Additionally, the system we were using was no longer being supported and had reached a point where we were not able to make any updates to the system. So a choice had to be made to build a new site.

We understand that change sometimes presents challenges, so we want to make this transition from our old site to our new site as easy as possible for everyone. If you have never visited our site before, you should be seeing the most recent version of our site without any problems. If you have been a long-time customer and are having some problems with getting the site to load properly, we've created this guide to help fix the problems you may be having.

I'm Having Shopping Cart Issues

Why does the cart still have items from my last purchase?

We've all had times when we are shopping online and then get interrupted, or decide we want to look at other items. Sometimes we don't end up making the purchase that same day. Our new site will remember the items that were placed in your cart so you don't have to go searching and re-add them.

In most cases this will be a convenience and allow you to pick up where you left off. However there is one step in the checkout and payment process that is sometimes missed or skipped unknowingly which can prevent your items from clearing from the cart.

After you have made your payment you will be shown a message that says 'Thank you for your order. Please click below to register the payment and return to our store.' When that is clicked, it sends a message from the payment gateway to our site that the order was successfully completed, and the cart items are then removed. If it is not clicked, then the store thinks you have not completed your order, and will retain the items until your next visit.

If this has happened to you, simply click the Shopping Cart link and remove the items you have already purchased or no longer want.

Um... Why can't I get to the Checkout Screen?

If you are having a problem getting from the Shopping Cart page to the Checkout Screen, please check to make sure you are not trying to purchase something that is out of stock. If you have an item in your cart that is no longer available, it WILL prevent you from proceding and completing the order. When there is an item that is out of stock, a message like this will appear on the Shopping Cart page:


My coupon isn't being accepted.

Coupon codes from our previous coupon books need be entered on the payment screen, and not in the Shopping Cart portion of the site. Our new coupons will work within the Checkout process, or you can enter them on the payment screen.

Why do shipping costs get calculated AFTER my order is placed?

With our new site, we do have the ability to automatically estimate the shipping costs, but it will take us a little time to finish setting it up. This is because we have to go into all of our products and add weights and dimensions to each item and possible option configuration. This is a feature we didn't have on our previous site, so while we are getting the weights and dimensions entered, we decided to continue processing shipping payments the way we have done it in the past. 

I've Completed My Order... Now What?

My order still shows a 'Processing' status.

In most cases we fulfill the orders within 7-10 days, and then the orders are shipped out. During our Holiday Open House, the processing time takes a little longer because of the volume of orders. 

I'm Having General Site Issues

The images aren't loading for me. The site shows up as all text!

Due to the site being on a completely new system and server, some visitors may experience some initial display problems. This is most likely because you had visited our previous site in the past, and the /shop/ url is cached in your browser, causing some confusion between what your browser remembers, and what is being sent to your browser from our new site. This is a relatively easy problem to fix. Please click on this link to get directions on how to clear your browser cache. After you clear the cache, our new site should show up for you the same way it would for someone who is a new visitor.

UPDATE: (11/27/2014)
We have discovered there is a possible problem with clearing out the cache on an Apple device with iOS 7 or newer. You can read about it here: Apple Discussion About Cache Clearing. We are looking for solutions from Apple.

UPDATE: (11/28/2014)
Recently, some people who previously had been able to view the new site contacted us to say the pictures weren't showing up, so they cleared their caches and then the site showed up as all text. We traced the source of this to be a communication problem with a server in Virginia that is part of our Content Delivery Network which pre-loads images and scripts to help the site load faster. If you experienced this problem, please clear the browser cache one more time to flush out the unsuccessful site load (all text), and the next time you visit the site it will work correctly. This problem was resolved with the assistance of our great customers!

I'm Having Navigation Issues

Hey! Where is the site menu!?

While preparing to build our new site, we found out an interesting fact: Almost 50% of our customers are visiting our site with a tablet or mobile phone. Because of that, we built a site that is responsive and changes the way the site is displayed based on the device being used. On smaller devices, like tablets and phones, the site menu collapses and is replaced by an icon like this: menu-icon When you tap this icon, the site menu will slide in from the left.

So your viewing experience is different on a laptop or desktop than it is on a tablet or phone - and on smaller devices, it's also different depending on if you are in portrait or horizontal viewing mode. In some cases your computer monitor resolution settings can also have an effect on how the site shows up for you. Below are some examples of how the site should look for different devices.

Larger Screens

If you are on a laptop, or a desktop computer and have your monitor resolution set higher than 1200px wide, you will see the site like this:




If you are visiting the site on a tablet (with the exception of very high resolution tablets like Amazon Kindle Fire HDX), or if your laptop or desktop screen resolution is set below 1200px wide, you will most likely see the site like this:


The menu is located in the top right of the site:


When you tap on that icon, the menu will slide in from the left of the site:



Smart Phones

These smaller devices make having a sidebar navigation (like on the desktop, laptop or horizontal tablet) very clunky. So a more elegant solution is to collapse and hide the menu until the menu-icon icon is activated by touching it. On most smart phones, the site will look like this:


The menu is located in the top right, just below the logo.


When you tap on this icon, the menu slides in from the left:


I'm Having Other Problems

Where Can I Find Lisa's Blog or the Shop Blog?

We still have both Lisa's Blog and the Shop Blog, and you can find the links to these blogs in the slideout menu on those devices that have a collapsible menu icon. Additionally we've added links to those blogs in the footer of the site. 

Still Having Problems?

If you are still having problems with getting the site to work properly please contact us and we will try to assist fixing the issue.

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