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Miniature Gatherings Fat Eight Bundle

 There are 40 differnt fabrics in this line...


Primitive Gatherings Prints-Charm Pack

You can choose either the 5" charm pack or a 3 1/2" charm pack.  They will have 100 pieces in each....

from $14.00

Primitive Gatherings Lights/Tans Charm Pack

You can either order the 5" charm pack or the 3 1/2" charm pack.  Each one will have 100 charms ......

from $14.00

Primitive Muslin Flannels Fat Quarter Bundle

25 fat quarters are in this warm, rich, and just perfect for any project.  These wil a..


Collections Circa 1852-Thimbles

You will get 80 pieces - 2 of each print in this thimble pack...


Light / Dark Thimble Pack

Light and Dark about 1 1/4"finished tumblers.  You will get 50 different  lights and 50 different da..


2 1/2" Reproduction Prints Charm Pack

30 different prints and you will get 2 of each one for a total of 60 pieces...

from $5.50