Stars All Around-Contemporary

 Pieced Summer Block of the Month-

                         Stars All Around size approximately 88x88

We are not showing the Completed Quilt, we are just going to show you some or all of the fabrics that are going to be used.  This year it is going to be a bit of a Mystery for you all. But trust us this is not one that you are going to want to miss, if you like Stars you are going to fall in LOVE with Stars All Around. We are offering Stars All Around only as Paid in Full this year. This allows us to cut the shipping prices and allows us to send you the directions only monthly.  We are talking about a $48 decrease in price for our domestic customers and an $84 decrease in pricing for our International customers!  We have two versions of Stars All Around, a Contemporary and a Traditional version to choose from.!  You will be charged right away when you place your order with us and it will start to ship the END of MAY.  

PLEASE REMEMBER: say “YES” to the options that you would like and “NO” to the options that you do not want.  ALL questions with the Red * asterisk  needs to be answered before you can Add to Cart. If you do not answer them all, Stars All Around will not be added to your Cart and it will say Backing Required or Essentials Required in red letters depending on which one you did not answer. They are just requiring that you answer the question, not necessarily purchase it.

Contemporary-Paid in Full pricing

The Contemporary version only uses 33 fabrics to create this amazing quilt, we are using Ombre Fairy Dust fabrics which makes the quilt look like there are more fabrics being used than what there really is. For the 7 yards of background we are using the White Ombre Fairy Dust fabric, so there will not be a choice of background for this selection.

Pricing as follows:

Domestic: $250.00

Internations: $304.00

Ruler: $13.00 (This is the Mini Simple Folded Corner Ruler, not necessary but helpful)

Backing: $81.00 (will be a white bella solid to match front 9 yds)



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Stars All Around-Contemporary

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