New Wool Subscription Box 10 July 2020

Each box like this one will contain:

As close as we can get to $100 retail value of goodies in it!!!!...All new and exclusive projects!!  The price of the box will be $66 and includes shipping unless you wish to have your "wool box protected" for $6 more.  International orders are required by customs to have the protective box and will be charged at $83 per month which includes shipping.

What is the protective box for? The Wool Box is beautiful, we designed it to be super sturdy to handle our products being shipped in it...but...then the shop girls saw it and suggested that they didn't want their box beat up/damaged with all the handling from shipping we added an option of it being put in a protective box so the pretty box will come undamaged and can be used again and again to store stuff in...I think the box size is 12x12 x 3 1/2" ( I might be off on the height, but it is a nice sized box.)

Boxes will come every other month

At least one major kit & pattern for a project

A pattern for an ongoing project, something like a Stitch Along-this might not "go along" with the theme of the box because it will continue...

Each box will be centered around Wool and/or Stitchery with a few novelty things once in a while....

They will contain recipe cards with a tried and true recipe from Lisa - One of a food item and one of a Crazy Stitch Combo to collect.

They will consist mostly of Primitive Gatherings products/patterns, but we may also have guest designers and products as well in future boxes.

The projects will be exclusive to these boxes for at least one year.

We will promise that the boxes will be AWESOME!

Boxes will be charged the 15th of the month and will be shipped after our billing cycle.  Boxes will ship  January, March, etc.

If your credit card is denied for payment - you will need to call the Shop to have it updated on your account.  Shop - 920-722-7233.  Calling the Shop will not cancel your subscription - you need to email us.  Subscriptions will continue until you email us at, we will confirm the last box to ship to you. Please when canceling understand that you will receive the next box in the line up, and then we will cancel your subscription.

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Wool Subscription Box 10 July 2020

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